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SCEP Connector for Good Dynamics

The Avid SCEP Connector helps Good Dynamics customers automate the certificate distribution and installation process by acting as an intermediary between the Good Control Servers and the Enterprise SCEP servers. This enables Good Customers to leverage certificate based authentication or PKINIT as a means of strong authentication from their Good Dynamics applications to backend resources without the overhead of manually distributing client certificates.

The Avid SCEP Connector is a turnkey solution that is easy to install and configure.  It comes with the following capabilities:

  • Supports both Microsoft NDES and Entrust SCEP: Supports Windows Server 2008 and 2012 NDES as well as Entrust SCEP.
  • Flexible and configurable: The easy to use installer has various configuration options around what encryption and hashing algorithms to use as well as how to populate the certificate.
  • Provides built-in logging: The connector has it’s own built-in logging that can be integrated with any monitoring or syslog server.
  • Developed with security in mind: The connector leverages AES-256 encryption to protect any sensitive configuration information. No private keys are ever stored on the server and all connectivity is secured using TLS for transport encryption.

Here is a high level architecture flow diagram:


Here is a video that demonstrates how quick and easy the distribution/installation process is:


Frequently Asked Questions about the Avid SCEP Connector

Question: Why do I need this SCEP Connector?

Answer: If you would like to avoid using passwords for authenticating to backend systems (i.e. email, websites, etc…) from your Good Dynamics applications while also simplifying the end user onboarding process then this solution is for you!

Here some example scenarios where the SCEP Connector can help with the above:

  • Migrating from Good For Enterprise to Good Work and would prefer not to use username/password
  • Migrating from on premise Exchange to Office 365 and would prefer to use certificate based authentication with Office 365
  • Migrating from Blackberry Secure Workspace to Good Dynamics and had previously used SCEP with Secure Workspace
  • Have a requirement for Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Question: How will the end user experience change, with the connector in place?

Answer: The end user will have a much easier time doing initial enrollment as well as overall usage.  They wont ever run in to a situation where their active directory password expires and everything stops working until it changes.

Question: Will our end users be affected during install?

Answer: No it’s a fairly transparent process.  The only thing the user will have to do is click Ok when prompted during the initial enrollment process.

Question: What steps are needed to prep for the install?

Answer:  Please click here to view the list of pre requisites.

Question: Please explain the installation/config process.

Answer: The installation and configuration is a very streamlined process using a graphical installer where the person configuring the connector enters in the necessary information.

Question: Can I uninstall the connector, if needed?

Answer: Yes, the connector can be uninstalled by re-running the setup applications or by going to Programs and Features in the Windows Control Panel.

Question: Can I install the connector on the Good Control Server?

Answer: Yes, the connector can be installed right on the Good Control server.


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