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Web and Database Solutions

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Web-based Applications and Services

Avid Systems offers a complete line of web development services, which include professional graphic design, front-end and server-side programming, and database integration for interactive and e-commerce functionality.

We develop robust and scalable web solutions that enable you to manage your interactive properties with ease and flexibility. Our certified programmers, designers, and database specialists are trained to balance intuitive use and functionality in all of your projects – Internet, Intranet, or Extranet.


E-commerce Solutions

Avid Systems builds reliable and secure consumer and business commerce solutions. We customize or build flexible and robust e-commerce engines depending on your objectives and the nature of your business. Further, we facilitate the success of your e-commerce solutions by integrating customized applications that can monitor commerce activities and consumer behavior.

Our development expertise in programming languages, networking technologies, scripting, and relational databases assures your access to a team who will create, maintain, or improve successful commerce solutions for your business.


Architecture, Development, and Administration

With our certified Oracle, SQL Server and other database experts, Avid Systems provides database architecture, development, and administration. From exponential performance improvements to complex database architecture and development, our skills enable us to build reliable data repository and management mechanisms that enable functional information management for our clients.

We handle 2-tier through n-tier applications, legacy application conversion, and database conversion. We also handle real time systems, embedded systems, advanced graphics, and complex data analysis.


Data Warehousing, Data Management, and Data Mining

For clients with information gaps and data bottlenecks, we use proven technology to solve the problem. Through the use of OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) technology, we create data warehouse environments that enable data to relate and integrate regardless of source, location, format, or communication requirements.

The result of our efforts is the transformation of data into meaningful business information. Our solutions offer a variety of complete life-cycle and enterprise oriented approaches to meet your needs. These approaches can be applied to any and all aspects of information technology architecture or applications.

We can create browser-based, portal technology capabilities for you with an integrated view of data from different functional areas. You have the capability to access detailed data and provide data summarization within an organization hierarchy, perform data decomposition by categories, and transform text and numeric data into graphs and charts through data visualization. We can help you build an efficient information delivery and business transaction infrastructure.


Data Integration and Transformation

Most organizations have business information stored in a variety of disparate data systems. They include legacy and mainframe systems, front- and back-office applications, data warehouses and data marts, transactional databases, flat files, and e-commerce systems. Additionally, there may be a wealth of business information available outside the organization. Since these systems were not designed to work together, integrating data to take full advantage of the business information is an enormous challenge.

Avid Systems can solve this problem for you, allowing seamless real-time access to business information across your enterprise.