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Virtualization and Cloud Solutions

Data Center energy consumption in the United States has more than doubled since 2000, and is expected to double again by 2012. With energy costs on the rise, green computing isn’t just good for the environment, it’s critical for your bottom line. The potential for savings is immense, but it can be difficult to determine which green technologies and strategies will address your specific needs and produce optimal results.


Avid Systems offers a holistic, consultative approach to data center optimization. We create customized solutions – driven by your unique requirements  –  that deliver real return on your investment. Our solutions will help you:

  • Drive down costs – even if you have a small data center, you can save tens of thousands of dollars with strategic power-efficient solutions.
  • Reduce sprawl – consolidating underutilized data center equipment allows you to reclaim space while saving on power, cooling, maintenance, and licensing.
  • Achieve compliance – with the right approach, achieving compliance can deliver benefits beyond merely avoiding fines and penalties.
  • Drive revenue – streamlining your infrastructure can speed time-to-market, allowing you to earn more revenue.
  • Go green – reducing power consumption enables you to support your organization’s green initiatives while significantly reducing your operating costs and capital expenditures.

Our services

To deliver our proven results, we employ, and often combine, a wide range of cutting-edge techniques, technologies and capabilities.

Assessment and planning services
At Avid Systems, we know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all data center optimization solution. The comprehensive planning and assessment services included in our engagements enable us to deliver solutions specially designed to meet your objectives. We also deliver these services as stand-alone offerings in support of green computing initiatives, virtualization initiatives, disaster recovery projects, and more.

Power-efficient design
Designing or renovating your data center for optimal power efficiency is an essential component of green computing. Avid Systems offers expertise in the fundamentals of efficient data center design, including power management,  cooling, air flow, and sprawl reduction. Plus, we architect and implement infrastructures with power-efficient server, desktop and storage technologies from top-tier vendors.

Virtualization and consolidation
Underutilization creates a great deal of unnecessary expense and energy use. Avid Systems can assess your infrastructure and employ virtualization and consolidation techniques in your data center, application and storage environments to help you drive down costs, save space, and conserve energy.

Data deduplication
While traditional backup systems store countless copies of the same information again and again, deduplication removes duplicate data, retaining a single copy. Avid Systems leverages data deduplication techniques to reduce the physical space needed for storage, decrease expenditures on equipment, use disk space more efficiently, and simplify disaster recovery.

Data migration
Data migration projects are common, but they can also be risky. Up to 84 percent fail to meet expectations, 37 percent exceed budget, and 67 percent are not delivered on time. Research shows that a lack of methodology, unrealistic scope, and a lack of experience all contribute to poor project results. Our seasoned consultants and engineers – all offering more than ten years of hands-on experience – employ our proven project delivery framework to avoid the obstacles associated with data migration and quickly and efficiently transfer, integrate, and ensure the quality of your data.

Telework solutions
Your green IT initiative doesn’t have to be limited to the data center. By providing secure remote access for employees working in home offices, you can decrease gas consumption, reduce utilities usage, decrease physical floor space requirements, and establish a key component of your disaster recovery plan. In addition to deploying the enabling technology, Avid Systems offers consulting services to help you address communication and business culture challenges within your organization.