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Mobile Application Solutions

Mobile Application Solutions from Avid Systems  are designed to help you keep pace with the speed of mobile user communities, whether internal employee users (B2E), consumers (B2C), or partners (B2B). Our team has deep experience in developing and supporting B2E, B2C, and B2B solutions on multiple Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP), Mobile Consumer Application Platforms (MCAP), native platforms (including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry), and we understand the nuances of solution design based on user profile.


MSS solution components include mobile application development, systems integration, application support, QA testing, and technical program management.


Mobile Application Development

Our team provides the following services:

  • Develops the systems requirement document
  • Architects and develops system and data design
  • Builds UIs and develop applications on the selected platform


Quality Assurance

Our team provides the following services:

  • Conducts an assessment to identify the attributes that increase business and reliability risks
  • Designs overall quality testing strategy and scope
  • Develops test case design based on risk assessment
  • Maintains test case metrics and a defects log


Systems Integration

Our team provides the following services:

  • Designs a data model
  • Synchronizes model design
  • Develops APIs
  • Validates integration points against system and application requirements


Application Support Desk

Avid Systems provides support options and packages for mobile solutions and applications that we develop on behalf of our customers. This support is delivered through world-class customer care centers that are dedicated to our mobility solutions customers. The Application Support Desk (ASD) is comprised of experienced, industry-certified professionals who provide hands-on, comprehensive, and proactive managed services technical support. 

Avid Systems Application Support Desk  offers the following components:

  • Technical support
  • 24/7 support
  • Service on-boarding
  • Installation, configuration, and training


Solution Benefits

Advantages of deploying Avid Systems enterprise-class mobile applications include:

  • Improved productivity and lower business operation costs.
  • Expanded market access and sales with consumers and partners.
  • Enhanced brand awareness and perception.
  • An increase in customer loyalty.
  • Improved competitive positioning.
  • Participation in the growing wireless revolution.
  • Flexibility in choosing the right level of support.
  • MDM industry experts on call 24/7 to provide multitier technical support.
  • Support from experts in mobile applications, networking, cellular, and hosting.