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To provide complete, end-to-end solutions to your business challenges, Avid Systems combines our technical expertise with a comprehensive suite of Management and Business Consulting Services. Trust Avid Systems to lead your business and technology initiatives from concept to delivery.

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  • Strategic Planning
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  • Process Improvement
  • Quality Assurance and Selection


The current economic environment in the United States government demands that more be done with less. The scarcity of resources and an emphasis on “Open Government” equates to an unprecedented need for transparency, accountability, and stewardship within the federal government. In order to meet this challenge, any complex program or project must work in concert with all elements of the surrounding environment.

An organization’s success depends on its ability to manage multiple projects as part of a cohesive program consisting of various elements, including people, projects, processes, and other resources required to deliver and satisfy a particular set of stated objectives. A program management office (PMO) is a centralized management structure created to oversee those resources, focusing on the integration, scheduling, and deployment of the people, capabilities, tools, and information required to achieve program success. This oversight may occur in any number of offices to include the OCIO.

Avid Systems adheres to all PMBOK standards and applies those in a simple, straightforward, and structured approach to program management engagements that ensures that solutions to all PMO requirements are developed and implemented efficiently and effectively. Our Program Managers are PMP-certified and we maintain an in-house compliance and oversight program. The examples that follow are a sampling of our successful engagements in support of federal customers undertaking complex IT and organizational management programs.