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JOB TITLE:  Senior Data Warehouse Specialist (15-1132)

EDUCATION /EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS:    Bachelor’s degree PLUS 5 years of progressive experience  (PLEASE SEE NOTE 1)

Comp Sci., Engg., Math, or IT related.


  • Design and develop test plans and test cases based upon functional and design specifications;
  • Design, implement, and support data warehousing requirements and implement business rules via stored procedures, middleware, and other technologies;
  • Perform data warehouse design and construction;
  • Analyze and identify data and metadata requirements;
  • Coordinate with the data administration users for both data warehouse development and maintenance;
  • Design and construct data warehouse enterprises applications;
  • Prepare/implement data verification and testing methods for the data warehouse;
  • Collaborate with SMEs (Subject Matter Expert) to design and implement an enterprise-wide program focused on End-to-End testing of critical services to provide validation of their resiliency levels and identify functional gaps;
  • Participate in product functional and technical reviews, test specifications, and documentation review of the data warehouse and related applications;
  • Define user requirements and database design specifications and transform the needs of business users and stakeholders into functional and technical design specifications;
  • Provide product support and maintenance of the data warehouse and collaborate effectively with peer engineers and architects to solve complex problems of the data warehouse;
  • Work on the root cause analysis of system issues and devise the proper design to solve those issues to achieve improved quality;
  • Travel may be required to visit client sites;
  • Work with MS Azure, Angular JS, JIRA, JMETER, and WEB API.  (SEE NOTE 3)


MS Azure, Angular JS, JIRA, JMETER, and WEB API. (SEE NOTE 3)

Please take note of the following:

  1. EDUCATION / EXPERIENCE:   For a typical Eb2 category position, the requirements need to either be MS & 1 year experience OR BS & 5 years of experience. Upon review of Atanu Ganguly’s background documents, it appears that he has the equivalency of US Bachelor’s degree. Therefore, in order to utilize his education and experience to file his case, the recommended requirements should be Bachelor’s and 5 years progressive experience.
  2. JOB DUTIES:  As the job duties listed in the PERM intake were rather long and detailed (they do not need to be as detailed as they do in H1B cases), so we did shorten them a bit. Please review and let us know if the above job duties suffice business needs. In addition, we did include some standard language used in PERM cases, (“travel may be required”) – since this job will require the candidate to be at a different job site other than HQ
  3. SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIREMENTS: To help eliminate potential U.S. workers during the recruitment process, it is best to include about 4-5 special skills (for example, technologies, programs, tools, languages, etc). I have listed a few that I did see mentioned in your PERM intake sheet as well as can be supported in the experience letters by Mr. Ganguly that he does have experience with those skills.  Please let me know if these skills suit (MS Azure, Angular JS, JIRA, JMETER, and WEB API) If not, please let me know. If Mr. Ganguly’s experience letter from Wipro (his past employer) does not have those skills mentioned, he will need to provide a revised experience letter from Wipro. Unfortunately, any time with Avid (the sponsoring employer) does not qualify him of having past experience.
  4. SALARY OFFERED TO APPLICANT:  This figure will be determined by the Federal Prevailing Wage Unit. We have to submit a request, which is currently taking about 120+/- days to get back the final wage determination.


Posted: 10/07/2019

SharePoint Developer:

SharePoint Developer needed for Washington, DC office. MS in Comp. Sci., Engg., Math, or related IT field or equiv. PLUS 1 yr relevant IT exp. req. Duties may incl: Analyze, dsgn, develop & deliver web-based applications; Create & customize SharePoint workflows; Perform site dsgn, page layout, & develop custom web parts; Reqd certifications in MCSE: SharePoint; MCSA: Office365; Exp. w/ the following skills is preferred: ReactJS, AngularJS, and Azure APIs. Travel may be reqd. for position. Send resume, ref., and sal. req. to Attn: Esther Lazar, Avid Systems, LLC, 1420 N. St. NW, Suite 102, Washington, DC 20005.

Posted: 10/07/2019